...To the homepage of the Smart Card Detective. We hope these pages will provide all the information you need. Check our forum for more detailed information, tutorials and discussions.

The complete software is open source (check it out on Google Code) and fully documented so that you can use the SCD for any smartcard application.


  • Create custom EMV transactions.
  • Analyse and log any smartcard transaction.
  • Create DDA/CDA signatures with existing cards.
  • Emulate a terminal or CAP reader.
  • Emulate a card.
  • Read/control card data from a PC like a smartcard reader (via the USB port).

The SCD offers full control over all the communication layers, from the physical layer (clock and bit transmission) up to the terminal application layer.

Banks and EMV professionals

  • Test your systems for correct functionality.
  • Find vulnerabilities and bugs in your services.

The SCD can be inserted between a card and a terminal to monitor and filter EMV transactions.


  • Develop your own smartcard or EMV application.
  • Protect your cards against tampered or untrusted terminals.
  • Log information about transactions to keep your own records.
  • Use DDA/CDA cards to make electronic signatures and verify card presence.

The SCD has many features that enable innovative applications: trusted display, non-volatile memory, battery/USB/PC powered, etc.